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In line with EEF (Education Endowment Foundation) guidance for improving the teaching of maths, Tables Stick® provides a strategy-based approach for the teaching of times tables, supported by Tables Stick® practical resources to deepen understanding and scaffold learning so the facts make sense for all children.

This mastery approach, grounded in number sense, builds on what children already know and emphasises the rich patterns and connections between mathematical facts, locking them into long-term memory for fluent recall and application.

As with all manipulatives, it is how they are used that makes the difference.  Tables Stick CPD provides training for schools to support the purposeful and effective use of these resources to maximise impact.

The Tables Stick® YouTube channel supports this approach and provides videos for each times table.

Why Tables Stick®?


Since the first time I used the Tables Stick I clearly saw the progress the children were making. They are now able to recall their tables confidently and have the reasoning to support this. They are always eager to learn using the Tables Stick.

Teaching Assistant

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