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The Tables Stick® Mini Learning Kit has been developed to help reduce the stress and anxiety caused by learning tables through chanting and relying on short term memorisation. The Mini Learning Kit is a practical, easy to use non-magnetic resource which helps children learn their times tables up to 12 x12. It supports a strategy-based approach which uses the many links and connections in each times table to help children understand and master their table facts, locking them into the long-term memory. Our free accompanying Youtube channel guides children with how to make the best use of the Mini Learning Kit, exploring these strategies to help them learn and remember their times tables. This also explains how to use the Tricky and Sticky cards so children can self-assess to see their own progress.

Mini Learning Kit

    • Numbered stick up to 12x
    • Colour-coded card sets for each times table from 2 - 12
    • Easily identifiable landmark numbers
    • Tricky, Sticky, Doubling and Landmark cards
    • Instruction guide to support effective use of the Tables Stick Mini Learning Kit
    • Please note: this is a non-magnetic kit.
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