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The Tables Stick® Mini Learning Kit contains 132 non-magnetic times tables cards for learning all tables from 2 to 12, and a Tables Stick to practice on.  Each set of cards is colour coded and stored in a toast-rack style box for ease of use. It also contains; Tricky, Sticky, Doubling and Landmark cards for practising the key strategies outlined in the instruction leaflet and You Tube channel.


Please note : This is a non-magnetic kit

Cost - please see shop for price.

 Please order via the shop.

The kit supports children with understanding the key Strategies and how to use them to practice each of their times tables by manipulating the times table cards on the stick. Practicing the key Strategies using the Mini Learning Kit for 10 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week will help make times tables facts sticky. The quick set-up of the Mini Learning Kit makes it easy to fit in regular practice, and children love the bright colours of the colour-coded times table cards.

Both my children love using the Tables Stick Home Kit, they've only had  it for two weeks and I can already see them making really good progress and becoming more confident. Thankyou!

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